Product Description




DEBO Exterior Panel is High Pressure Compact Laminate (HPCL) with a special decorative surface that is suitable for exteriors. It is a self-supporting and durable material with fade resistance and weather-proof and complies with standard EN 438:2005 Part 6.

DEBO Exterior Panel is produced in laminate processes under great pressure and high temperatures. The surface of it has a special protection–the acrylic polyurethane against inclement weather. Moreover, the advantages of DEBO Exterior Panel are stain resistant, scratch resistant, anti-exposure, anti-rain, environmental friendly, decorative and easy to work with, making it a really strong and high quality construction product. 

DEBO offers several colors and surfaces for exterior use. Its excellent mechanical properties make it particularly suitable for the building industry where it offers an ideal alternative to traditional materials such as stones, solid wood, stainless steel etc. It has been used for outdoor public facilities such as outdoor enclosures, signs, benches, stairways, balconies, ventilated facades etc. It can also be used for outdoor furniture with perfect weather resistance and unique decoration.