About DEBO

DEBO® (DEcorative BOards) was created by Risewell Industries in 2004 with a simple vision that to provide world's architects, designers, builders and eventually the end users with comfort, reliability and sources of creation.

Brand Story

In 1992 or earlier, the founder team of DEBO came to Shenzhen Special Economic Zone, from where they started basic work as grass-roots.

From roads making to houses building ; from agenting brands to owning factories ; from Dare-to-dream to small achievements... DEBO brand products, from the beginning to today, have been closely following up the development of this city and this era, Innovating, exploring, and moving forward all the way.

Innovation Pioneer Focus on R & D Innovation more than 20 Years
International Quality Complied with International Standard System
Forward-Thinking Design leads the market
ECO-Development Caring for nature and sustainability.

Innovative Gene

DEBO® was founded in 2004 by a pool of specialists from the HPL Industries in China. For more than 16 years, DEBO® has been focusing on developing decorative panel and the extending applications.

At first, the founder team, due to the come-across of High Pressure Laminate (HPL) which is a composite material with a century long history, starting to step into the surface decoration and solution.

After that, DEBO®'s innovative team continued to develop and upgrade products, from fire-resistant HPL to Compact Laminate, from Compact Laminate to Labench; from Compact Laminate to Compact Fiberboard, from Compact Fiberboard to Cleantop, and so on.

Global Service

DEBO® has global perspective and stick to reform and innovation, leading the industry with quality, design and service. 

So Far, we have completed tens of thousands of projects at home and abroad, served more than 60 countries and regions around the world. and we has built agency distribution channel in the Middle East, Europe and America.

In the past more than twenty years, we have developed a number of professional technicians with local and international background. 
We have been updating our modern production facilities for achieving better quality.

From procurement of raw materials to production, packaging, transportation and logistics, we adhere to standard operating procedures, and strict to quality control to ensure that every laminate or our solution products can withstand the severe test internationally.

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