Cases of Business

DEBO® Compact panel is specially suitable for applications where strong hygiene resistance, moisture resistance are required. 

Kingkey 100

Board: Compact Laminate

Project: Kingkey 100

Location: Shenzhen, Guangdong, China

Products: DEBO Toilet Cubicles System

Description: We are proud to present you with our toilet cubicles into one of our most gorgeous buildings in Shenzhen. The King Key 100 was originally named King Key Financial Center, but now it it currently the first high-rise in Shenzhen, it is a total of 100 story and 441.8 meters tall building in Luohu, Shenzhen. We were dedicated to this project specially to create luxury among the simple, personalized and deluxe. These top class toilet cubicles with the used of DEBO #1932 18mm antique white and Stainless Steel Excel Shoe-Box Series accessories. All 168 toilet compartments were completed in Dec. 2011.

Government Brunei Prime Minister

Board: Compact Laminate

Project: Office Building of Brunei Prime Minister

Location: National Brunei Darussalam

Products: DEBO Lockers System

Description: The most famous locker project is the office building of National Brunei Darussalam. It`s a new administrative office building in Brunei, during which DEBO professional technicians went there and supervised the installation and finished the installation of about 1000 private lockers for administrative staff use.

Guangzhou Olympic Stadium

Board: Compact Laminate

Project: Guangzhou Olympic Stadium

Location: Guangzhou, Guangdong, China

Products: DEBO Toilet Cubicles System

Description: The 16th Asian Games was held in the Guangzhou Olympic Stadium in 2010, she was built in 2001, having a capacity of 80,012 with multi-coloured seats, positioned in multiple sections, and connected via a ribbion pattern. Risewell was honor to be selected for undertaking the refreshment of all the toilet cubicles/partitions in the stadium. DEBO Nylon Yawen Series looks just as elegant and seems to be extremely suitable for stadiums whre “facial, functional and economical” elements are all concerned.

Lockers of Graceland, Zhejiang

Board: Compact Laminate

Project: Lockers of Graceland

Location: Wuzhen, Greentown, Zhejiang

Products: DEBO Lockers System

Description: Located in the national 5A scenic spot, wuzhen graceland is keeping in good health pension, health care and leisure vacation for three major themes of the government benchmarking project.

DEBO as the leading brand in the field of compact laminate, established the strategic partnership with greentown group headquarters, undertook a full range of swimming pool lockers project for greentown.

Why they choose DEBO for this swimming pool lockers project? Because the waterproof, fire prevention, moistureproof and durable solid feature of our panels is inseparable, in addition our designers choose original woodgrain color, cater to graceland, the charm of the combination of classical art and modern design, make and bring out the best in each other.

East Pacific Group

Board: Compact Laminate

Project: East Pacific Group (Business Center)

Location: Shenzhen, Guangdong, China

Products: DEBO Toilet Cubicles System

Description: We have to successfully placed our toilet cubicles into one of the landmark buildings and the top building in the west part of Shenzhen, It is going to be a landmark building in town, and also the most concentrated group for business offices. The total project is expected to be completed in 2012.

Dulwich Hill, Sydney, Australia

Board: Compact Laminate

Project: Dulwich Hill

Location: Sydney, Australia

Products: DEBO Toilet Cubicles System

Description: Dulwich Hill is a suburb in the Inner West of Sydney, in the state of New South Wales, Australia 7.5 kilometres south-west of the Sydney central business district, in the local government area of Inner West Council. Dulwich Hill stretches south to the shore of the Cooks River.

DEBO participated with clients to fulfill their unique design and high quality request, providing the 304 Stainless steel Excel Series toilet cubicles for both the Women’s/accessible and Men’s /accessible bathroom at the ground floor. Clients are keen to work with DEBO by our perfect and efficient service.


Board: Compact Laminate

Project: Changde First Hospital

Location: Hunan Province, China

Products: Wall Cladding System

Description: Hemali·Shirble is a new department store brand launched by Shirble Department Store and Alibaba in Shenzhen. 

DEBO and Wenye Decoration, the interior construction unit, have worked hand in hand to customize public toilet partitions, compact laminate composite doors and washing cabinets for them. The colors applied DEBO compact laminate 25483# Lychee Oak. The two parties overcame the difficulties of short construction period, heavy tasks and strict requirements, and ensured that the "Hemali·Shirble" jointly renovated by Shirble Department Store and Hema Xiansheng was officially opened on November 30, 2019.

KK Binhe Time Square

Board: Compact Laminate

Project: KK Binhe Time Square

Location: Shenzhen, Guangdong, China

Products: DEBO Lockers System & DEBO Toilet Cubicles System

Description: KK Binhe Time Square is located on the south-west in Futian district, nearing CheGong temple CBD and Red forest nature reserve, this project covers an area about 55300㎡, is a city complex of five stars hotel, high-end business building, business department, quality residential.

DEBO brand as a public toilet partition industry leader, we own a batch of stable and good customers through long-term development and good reputation, shenzhen KK group is one of them. We were recognized and favored by its headquarters and became the strategic cooperation partners with them since 2008. We rely on domestic excellent design team, with high quality innovative decorative boards, successively dedicated in the design and installation of toilet cubicles for KK 100 mall, KK baina square, KK phoenix impression, KK scene impression, KK cloudworld firmiana etc, won "excellent supplier" award. 

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