Compact Flooring

DEBO® brings Flooring Industry a brand new idea with its continuing development of the Compact Fiberboard core technology.

The core material of DEBO® Compact Flooring is DEBO® Compact Fiberboard made up of high quality wood fiber, impregnated with thermosetting resin, plus a strong out layer especially for heavy flooring use.

Its ultra high density (≥1000kg/m3) make its performance better than traditional Laminated Flooring. It is also more stable and environmental friendly than SPC Flooring.

Next Genaration for Flooring Industry

Performance Plate, Beyond Decoration

Environmental & Health

An eco-friendly PVC-free wooden ground solution with a waterproof feature. How much you love the environment, how much we care about you.


In addition to the excellent waterproof performance of the surface, the gap between the flooring can also be effectively waterproof. Tight locking connection and high polymer waterproof sealer on the edges guarantee DEBO® Compact Flooring to resist the infiltration of various liquids.


The material of DEBO® Compact Flooring can be recycled and used for the same or other purpose, the waste plate from the flooring is a secondary material for the production of new fiberboard.


More Waterproof 丨 Natural Look & Feel 丨 Wood Based

More Waterproof

Natural Look & Feel

Stain and Scratch resistant

Environmental Friendly




Easy to Clean


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