CompactStone® - ColorCore Flawless,from Outside to Inside

Dec 24, 2020

DEBO® ColorCore has same color throughout, is designed for special situations like worktops, countertop, retail displays, signage, artworks, and interior furniture. The use of ColorCore panels allows designers simplify and unify the color of their products without considering the color-match problems, so that ideally express the charm images and nature aesthetics of their thoughts.

DEBO® ColorCore panel comes from the HPL board which has a history of more than 100 years from Europe and the States. Meanwhile, It has been developed along with Chinese manufacturing technology and designer's infinite creativity. It is one of the creative extension products with great artistic representation.



Where durability and design meet

Originality with Creativity

Environmental Development

DEBO® High Pressure Laminate and the color core are sheets consisting of layers of papers impregnated with thermosetting resin, dried and bond together in a high pressure process. 

The laminates are cured and chemical inserted. However, the volatile organic compounds emission from the surface and the core are very low due to our unique bonding production technique. The panels do not contain limited substances that listed in the Candidate of Substances of Very High Concern (SVHC) for authorization published by European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) on and before 2020.

International Quality

For more than 16 years DEBO® has been dedicated to designing and manufacturing high quality Compact HPL and the solution for versatile and demanding environment. 

It's entirely closed surface structure with a solid core from the whole laminate has made it exceeding ordinary HPL and Compact Laminate made with general top layer. Ultimately, Its surface performance and decoration effect caters to the high-end aesthetic and high quality life demand.

Design Edge

DEBO® offers various colors, surface textures and specification as standard, while customization is also welcomed to fulfill your individual design. We are working with the world' s top material suppliers to achieve natural, trendy and diversified design aesthetic. 

Futhermore, DEBO® also offers element design service by the using our cutting-edge CNC machinery to realize your Imagination.


Flawless 丨 Aesthetic 丨 Unique design


Rub resistant

Resistant to dry heat



Stain resistant



Machining friendly

Easy to clean



Excellent intensity and colour depth

Various surface

Longtime stability



Plain 丨 Stone 丨 Wood 丨 Clay

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